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Hosted Solutions is a leading provider of Structured Cable and Integrated AV Solutions

Founded in 2005, Hosted Solutions provides you with the most economic and highest quality solutions for all of your Office Cabling and Wiring needs, including Fiber Optic Cabling, Audio-Visual, Access Control and Camera solutions.  

Our advantages include:

  • Economics: we’ll meet or beat almost any budget, pricing between $100 - $160 per drop.


  • Timeliness: we can start a job w less than 2 days notice, and finish jobs well within schedule.


  • Efficiency: using state-of-the-art materials and practices to ensure lowest cost pricing.


  • Knowledge:  Familiarity with building inspectors means jobs are done right, with no delays.


  • Breadth:  Cabling & Wiring, Fiber Optics, Conference Rooms, Access Control, Cameras, AV.


  • References:  Excellent references from Clients, Construction Managers, Property Managers, IT Companies – please ask.


  • History:  Founded 2005, teams of specialist stretching from CO Springs to Ft Collins.

Recent Jobs


E100,000 Sq ft: 1200 Cat 6 Ethernet Drops, Fiber backbone, 10 Server Rooms, Conference Rms, Digital Signage, Cameras

12,000 Sq ft: 110 Voice / Data drops, Server Rm buildout, Dmarc extension

8,000 Sq ft: 120 Voice / Data Cables, AV in 8 Conf Rms, Server Rm buildout, Access Control, Cameras

11,000 Sq ft: 148 Cat 6 Ethernet Dual Drops, 5 Access Control, 6 WiFi, 6 Cameras, MDF buildout

13,000 Sq ft: 70 Ethernet cables to 40 Voice / Dat locations, MDF buildout

2 Buildings, fiber connecting Dmarcs, 50 Ethernet Dual Drops, multiple AV solutions

6,000 Sq ft: 80 Ethernet dual drops, Server Rm buildout, TVs Digital Signage

Fiber backbone, Fiber WiFi, 60 Ethernet Drops, Server Room relocation

Fiber backbone, 32 Ethernet Drops, 25 Wifi installs, Panduit, Server Room

11,000 Sq ft Restaurant, Ethernet for POS, Cameras and network, AV for indoor / outdoor audio

Campus: Fiber Backbone connecting multiple buildings, Ethernet and Dmarc in each building 

Hosted 123 Patrick-Watriss.jpg


Chief Executive Officer

Hosted 123 Alvin.jpg

Alvin Nix

Director of Operations

Patrick founded Hosted Solutions in 2005. Patrick has built a comprehensive organization 

Alvin joined Hosted Solutions in 2009. Before becoming President of Hosted Solutions Cabling, Alvin

providing Structured Cabling solutions for more than 400 clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Notable projects include the installation of 80,000 ft of cable for Montrose Hospital, and installing the Ethernet and Fiber infrastructure for Zoom Video’s 1000 person office in Denver. Prior to 2005, Patrick was the President of a leading Integrator providing Internet, Phones, Cabling and IT Services Patrick also runs the Hosted Solutions Phone Services division. Since 2005, Hosted Solutions has been providing a broad range of VOIP Phone solutions including Desktop IP phones, SIP Trunks, Softphones and Apps for computers and smart phones. Hosted Solutions can provide a complete one-stop fully integrated solution for Internet, Phones, Office Cabling and AV solutions

was the project lead on more than 200 structured cabling installations. With an expertise in Data Networking and IT infrastructure, Alvin knows how to maximize cabling network efficiency while minimizing cost. Alvin manages a team of specialists encompassing Conference Rooms, Audio Visual solutions and Multi-media including Door Access Control and Security / Camera solutions. Alvin has a unique intelligence (ask him about the US Navy’s nuclear submarine program) that enables to him to solve problems and complete jobs in the most efficient, timely and cost effective manner possible.

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