Hosted Solutions has always revolved around the power of outsourcing and SAS (software as a service) as a means of helping businesses reduce costs and gain greater productivity.

In 2000, Hosted Solution’s founders were working in the Telecom industry and experimenting with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), as a way to eliminate the expense and need for all the hardware and software associated with traditional business class Phone Systems. We started by trying to enable traditional phone systems with the ability to deploy handsets in remote locations using the Internet. It worked but was unreliable and cumbersome.

Then in 2003, we started utilizing SIP trunks as an alternative to traditional Phone Lines. SIP trunks were very powerful in that they reduced monthly phone services expenses by up to 70% by sending voice communication over the Internet as opposed to traditional phone lines. While the cost savings were real, there were still reliability and compatibility problems trying to connect SIP Trunks to traditional Phone Systems.

In 2005, Hosted Solutions formally launched with the plan of building a business around a Hosted Phoned System platform built by a company called Broadsoft. Hosted Solutions made it possible for businesses to have a comprehensive, enterprise-level Phone System, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system – by simply plugging IP Phones into the Internet. The Phone System is a multi-million dollar configuration of hardware and software maintained in several data centers throughout the United States by a team large team of engineers and technicians who ensure 24 x 7 reliability and support.


Today Hosted Solutions is partnering with Voyage and Simple Signal to provide one of,if not the,most reliable, feature rich, low cost Hosted Phone Service in the world.

With corporate offices in Denver, Colorado, Hosted Solutions has a customer base throughout the United States and internationally. Please join us and discover the cost savings, convenience and productivity gains of our VOIP Hosted Phone System service.