Patrick Watriss

Patrick Watriss

Chief Executive Officer
In the year 2000, after spending 10 years on Wall Street, Patrick Watriss recognized the potential of the Internet to provide a whole new way of utilizing outsourcing as a means to help businesses reduce costs and gain greater productivity.
With a focus on the Telecom industry, Mr. Watriss wanted to help businesses get away from all the logistics and expense of installing and maintaining a Phone System in their office – i.e. a premise based solution. In the year 2000, Mr. Watriss purchased a traditional Phone System provider and spent the next several years experimenting with the ability to move away from premise based solutions to a “hosted” solution in which multiple businesses could share a comprehensive Phone system with many more functions and features, for a fraction of the cost.
Confident that the hosting model had become dependable and reliable, Mr. Watriss founded Hosted Solutions in 2005. Today, Hosted Solutions provides business customers all over the world with one of the most reliable, feature-rich, lowest cost, state of the art, Hosted Phone Systems Services available.
Mr. Watriss graduated from with a BA in Business from the University of Colorado. A fierce competitor, he actively plays tennis and squash, skis, and runs. His volunteer and charitable endeavors include Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Denver Rescue Mission and Brent’s Place.
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Alvin Nix

Director of Operations
Alvin turned down an offer to work in the US Navy’s Nuclear Submarine program to pursue a career in technology, specifically VOIP and Hosted Phone Services. He started out in the Wireless world with SkyBeam Communications mastering the challenges of VOIP QOS and stability. He became familiar with a variety of Routers and Firewalls including Cisco, Adtran, Edgemarc and Sonicwall. He then moved to more traditional WAN/LAN infrastructure working with Hosted Solutions, focusing on Phones and Desktops to deliver Telephony functions and features utilizing a Hosted model. His expertise includes the Broadsoft Platform, Polycom and Cisco Telephones, Plantronics and Jabra cordless solutions, and several CRM integrations. Throughout all of expertise as an Engineer, he has established himself as one of the most respectful, courteous and proficient customer support rep in the Tech industry.
Alvin was a Dean’s list graduate Westwood College with a degree in Computer Software Engineering. Alvin married his high school sweetheart and has 2 daughters. His hobbies include riding ATVs, playing football and camping.
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Shea Phelan

Shea Phelan

Director of Sales & Marketing
Shea Phelan joined Hosted Solutions in early 2015, after beginning his career in telephony with Windstream, a large telecom conglomerate. With his experience selling premise based phone solutions, he realized the incredible opportunity that Hosted Phone System Services provided for smaller companies. Today, Shea and the entire Hosted Solutions team is eagerly introducing the economic and logistical advantages of a Hosted, aka Cloud-based Phone service to small businesses across the United States.
Shea grew up in the mountains of Vail, Colorado. He later attended the University of Tennessee and Colorado State University where he ran Cross Country and Track and Field while receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
Currently, Shea resides in Denver, CO with his fiancee’ and dog. He enjoys running, traveling, going to local breweries with friends, and can be found at all Broncos games supporting his fiancée while she cheers on the field.
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