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Whether moving to a new location or upgrading your existing systems, Hosted Solutions provides industry leading solutions at price points that will meet or beat almost any budget


Conference Rooms

Equip your Conference Room with state-of-the-art tools that save money while providing the most professional and user-friendly experience.  Options include

  • Presentations
    Project from a Laptop to a Monitor / TV

  • Live Stream Internet 
    Watch Internet-based content on an HD TV / Monitor

  • Interactive Video Conferencing
    Utilize 4K Cameras and surround sound speaker and Mic to conduct meetings over the web

  • Whiteboard collaboration
    Enable anyone to edit Edit and create documents with web-based collaborations

  • Webinars

  • Zoom Rooms / Microsoft Teams
    Deploy hardware and software specific to Zoom or Microsoft Team

  • Conference Room Phones
    Utilizing Polycom, Yealink, and Cisco conference Phones.


Access Control

Secure your office with an access control system that allows entry according to time, authorization, personnel, etc. while providing a user-friendly experience for guests and visitors.  Track and record all entry/exit activity

Primary Features


  • Solid State Hardware
    Electronic strikes, magnetic locks

  • Entry devices
    Card Readers, Keypads, Proximity, Cards, Fobs

  • Tracking
    Monitor access based upon time, credentials, other

  • Software based admin
    Secure web and PC based solutions to control access, credential changes, etc.

  • Integration w other Facilities
    Integrate with Intercom, intrusion alarm, fire/life safety, video surveillance system


Cameras & Security

Improve business safety, maximize operational efficiency, protect your assets with a state of the art Video Surveillance System  We’ll present you with several options using industry-leading equipment and services at the best price.


  • IP Cameras

    • Up to 5-megapixel 4k resolution

    • PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) field of vision control

    • Infrared lighting

    • 360-degree viewing

  • Video Recording

    • Premise or cloud-based 

    • Remote access and visibility

    • Flexible storage capacity of 30 days with additional archive capability

  • Features

    • Motion sensor activation

    • Mobile alerts and notifications

    • Law enforcement notification

  • Installation and Support
    Includes equipment, installation, monthly service for cloud-based service



  • (14) Zoom Rooms

  • Ethernet PTP and HDMI connecting Conf Tables to 65’ Wall Mount TVs

  • Door mount schedulers


D&G Construction

  • TCP/IP Access control system for 39 doors

  • 10 controllers

  • Application software

  • 39 x 1200 lb magnetic locks

  • 37 Key Fob readers

  • 2 Keypad/keyfob readers

  • 2 motion

  • 39 exit buttons


Fresh Pack Produce

  • (40) High res cameras

  • High powered NVR

  • Fiber connecting (2) server Rooms

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