Whether you need a standard Voice / Data network cabling job, or a strategic design-build project, you will receive the most cost-efficient, highest quality work in the most professional and courteous manner possible. Since 2005, we have installed and supported Network Cabling and AV Solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes and budgets.

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Estimating the cost

Estimating the cost

The calculator below will provide a budgetary quote using industry average pricing.

Indicate the number of devices that you would like to network

  • Phones

  • Computers

  • Printers, Scanners

  • WAPs

  • Other

  • Cable Runs:
  • Est. Total Job Cost:

    • Estimate based upon industry average pricing for a standard cabling install. Price may vary according to unusual needs or issues
    • Hosted Solutions will discount the above estimated job cost by as much as 15% pending further discussion
Scope of Work

Scope of Work

To ensure that your needs and expectations are met, we will do a site walk-thru, review mechanical drawings, and coordinate with other parties including the GC, Electrician, IT Team, etc, as needed.

With every job, we provide a Scope of Work outlining the details of the work to be performed, including baseline consideration as indicated below


Scope of Work



Frequently asked questions are indicated below. For more information, feel free to call us at 855-483-3768

Timing & Logistics:

Cabling jobs with less than 100 runs usually require about 7 days lead time to discuss the job, review mechanical drawings, do a site survey, etc. The work generally takes less than a day for every 20 – 30 cable runs. Coordination with other trades will impact actual completion time.

Cabling jobs of more than 100 runs may require additional time to fully understand the job specs, order materials, coordinate with trades, etc.

Cat 5 vs Cat 6

  • Cat 5 and Cat 6 are the two most common types of Ethernet cable, and can cover distances up to 250 – 300 feet
  • Cat 5 supports data transmission at 1000 Megabits per second
  • Cat 6 supports data transmission at 10 Gigabits per second.
  • Cat 6 is becoming the standard to accommodate todays increasing Internet and networking speeds. Cat 6 installs are 20% – 30% more expensive that Cat 5

Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber is generally used for distances of greater than 300 feet (the maximum for Cat 5 / Cat 6) or there is need for greater quantities and faster signal transmission. Fiber can send data at up to 100 Gbps. Multi-mode fiber is good for distances less than 2000 feet and costs approximately $0.75/ft for 6 strand and $1.05/ft for 12 strand. Single-mode fiber may be used for distances of several miles and costs approximately $0.75/ft for 6 strand and $1.60/ft for 12 strand.

HDMI, Coax and AV Wiring

There are a variety of solutions to connect Speakers, Monitors, Displays, Projectors, Televisions, Security Systems, Alarm system, etc. Depending upon budget, environment, preferences, etc, AV jobs are configured and priced separately relative to traditional data and voice network cabling installs. For referent purposes…

  • HDMI: standard HDMI cables cost about $1.00 – $1.50 per foot and are good for distances less than 75 feet. For longer distance, boosters and Ethernet adapters are available
  • Coax: Coaxial Cable is frequently used to connect televisions, and costs $0.35 – $0.75 per foot

Server Room (aka Telco Closet, Dmarc, IDF, MDF, etc.)

The Server Room is a room, closet, or wall location in your office where all cabling is terminated and connected to your IT Network or Telecom network. It is also the location where Internet service and Phone Lines are brought into your office to connect to your IT or Phone Network. We will recommend the best configuration of Patch Panels and Racks to provide the most efficient and professional appearance.

Cabling Racks

Data Racks can be installed in the Server to provide an efficient mean of aggregating network cabling and installing network equipment. Wall Mount Racks range from $75 for an 18 inch (12U) rack to $225 for a 4 foot (24U) 2-post open rack. Floor Mounted Racks are usually 7’ tall and include wire management hardware. Floor Mount Racks vary dramatically from $200 – $1000 depending upon preference for enclosed, 2 post vs 4 post, mobility, etc.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms are frequently configured with on-demand AV solutions that enable laptops or projectors to interact with wall mounted monitors / displays. These installations may be accomplished with HDMI, Ethernet, Coax and other AV cabling. Price points and capabilities vary widely. We will present several options for you to consider

Recent Work

  • Zoom Video Communications

    (580) Cat 6E Ethernet Runs, (5) Server Rooms, (8) Fiber Installs, (12) HDMI / AV installs. (22) WAPs, (2) Dmarc extensions

  • Grease Monkey Headquarter

    (180) Cat 6E Ethernet Runs, (6) Door Security, (5) Coax installs, (4) AV solutions, (1) Server Room, (4) Floor Mount Racks w Wire Mgt, (10) WAPs,

  • Matrix Design

    (15) Dual Drop Cat 6E Ethernet, (2) HDMI Conf Rooms, (1) Server Room

  • Scott Wachtel CPA

    (6) Cat 6E Ethernet Runs, (1) Dmarc Extension, (1) WAP

  • Parker Core Knowledge Charter School

    (120) Cat 6E Ethernet Runs, (1) Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Dmarc Extension, (2) Data Rooms, (15) AV Solutions for Alarm, Paging, Security, Video, (10) WAPs

  • OCC MED Partners

    (120) Cat 6E Ethernet Runs, (2) AV Solutions, (1) Data Room w 7’ Rack and Ladder, (6) WAPs

Standards of Excellence

Cost Savings

  • Flexibility: we’ll discuss with you ways to minimize costs – reuse existing cabling, daisy chain phones and computers, deploying Panduit, etc.
  • Efficiencies – we deploy state of the art practices and materials to minimize labor costs, create economies of scale, and minimize waste to complete the job in the most efficient and timely manner


  • Respect: With an emphasis on courtesy and respect, our team will interact ith you, your colleagues and other involved parties in the most professional manner
  • Clean Job site: throughout the work, we will maintain a clean and organized work area thet presents the least disruption and imposition on the site

Highest Quality work

  • State of the Art materials and practices: efficient suspension techniques, wire management, strategic pull string prep, unloaded patch panels, wire combs, remediation, etc are some of the tools we ways we ensure the most efficient and professional job completion
  • Design / build: With more than 20 years experience, we can help you design and deploy a configuration incorporating Ethernet, Fiber Optics Wireless and AV solutions. Additionally our familiarity with the trades ensure that you get a cohesive solution in the most efficient and timely manner
  • Testing: upon completion of every job, all cable is tested and certified according to industry standard
  • Expertise: Our technicians have BICSI certifications and regular industry training


  • Flexibility: Need a job done in 2 days, or an on-demand responsiveness within the schedule of other vendors, we’ll work with you
  • Communication: As you need, we’ll discuss the job with you, review mechanical drawings, do a site surveys, etc., to ensure your objectives and needs are understood. Then we proactively coordinate with all necessary parties – realtor, building manager, architect, General Contractor, electrician, and other trades to make sure the job is completed on a timely basis, meeting your expectations, and within your budget
  • Passing inspections: With most jobs, particularly large ones, a critical element in completing a job on schedule is ensuring the install complies with local and municipal building codes and regulations. After many years of working with most of the inspectors, Hosted Solutions is extremely familiar wit the expectations and requirements
Standards of Excellence
Standards of Excellence
Standards of Excellence