Network Offices and Personnel Anywhere

Integrate all of your organization’s personnel and offices –

regardless of location, and function as though all in one large office.


Whether you just want to work from home and network with your office, or you want fully integrate several offices and personnel located all over the country, a Hosted Phone Services solution provides considerable cost savings, functionality and convenience.


Cost Savings

No need to buy separate Phone System for each office, simply purchase IP Telephones and plug them into the Internet.



Know if your colleagues are on the phone and who they are talking to, regardless of where they are located.



Every individual, every office, regardless of location, receives a Package of Unlimited Phone Lines and more than 100 Standard Functions and Features.


Convenience / Easy to Deploy

Easily provide any person or any office with a comprehensive Phone by simply plugging IP Phones into an Internet connection.


Work From Home

Easily provide any person or any office with a comprehensive Phone by simply plugging IP Phones into an Internet connection.


Staff Directory

Have one comprehensive Staff Directory for all personal to enable easy routing of incoming calls to personnel where they are.


Smart Phones /
Cell Phones

Empower field workers cell phones with functions and features that they would normally have in the office.


Central Receptionist /
Aggregation Point

Set up a toll-free number or a main number that rings into one location, that can then be easily routed to any other location or person.


Local Phone Numbers,
Local Identity

Each office can have its own local phone #, caller ID and call handling, while being fully integrated into your larger company network.


Conference Calling

Phones are enabled with multi-conferencing capabilities, just dial someone’s extension and they can be on the call.


Video Calling

Easily enable people to see and communicate with each other without any separate hardware facilities or cost. All you need are Video Phones.



No need to dial a 10 digit phone number to call someone in another office, just touch a button and then their extension.


Extension Dialing

Everyone in every location has an extension that enables easy transfer of calls, easy use and accessibility via  the Staff Directory.


Cell Phone Integration

Transfer a call to someone’s extension and it will ring at their desk phone or cell phone.


Laptop as a Telephone

Enable a laptop, tablet or other device to function as a telephone.