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Providing greater speeds over greater distances when Ethernet is not enough

We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of OM3/OM4 Multimode Fiber optic cable and OS1 Single mode Fiber optic Cable

Fiber Optic Install, Termination, Certification & Testing

  • Single Mode Fiber

  • Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Fiber Optic Cable Testing & Certification

  • Terminations (ST - SC - LC - MTRJ connectors)

  • Fiber Optic Backbones

  • Fiber Optc Dmark/ Dmarc Extensions

  • Terminations (ST - SC - LC - MTRJ connectors)

  • Underground Fiber Between Buildings (Trenched in Conduit, Aerial Installations)


Greater Distances & Greater Speeds:

While Bat 6 Ethernet generally has a maximum distance of 300 feet, Multimode fiber can offer 10 Gbps speeds up to 200o ftt.  Single-mode fiber is ideal for long-haul, high-bandwidth network links spread out over extended areas, including CATV, campus backbone, telecommunication and large enterprise applications. The chart below compares typical speed and distance capacities for Fiber vs Ethernet.


Dmarc Extensions:  
For those occasions when your Internet provider will only provide service to the main Telco Room in your building, we will extend the Internet service into your suite.  Tis can be accomplished with either Ethernet or Fiber

Fiber optic cable Repair:  
Fusion splicing  using a machine that precisely aligns two fiber ends before “fusing” or “welding” them together using an electric arc – the installer can ensure an excellent connection. Fusion splicing can be performed as a single fusion (fusing just one fiber at a time) or as a mass fusion (fusing 12 fibers in a single operation)


Cost Savings:


While maintaining the strictest installation and testing guidelines, we’ll identify ways to save money with considerations such as type of Fiber, inner duct vs armored, number of strands, terminations, etc.

The following are sample pricing for recnt jobs:. 

Install 350’ Multi-Mode Fiber:   $780

Install 350’ 6 Strand shielded fiber, terminate 6 strands, secure in rack-mount enclosures


Fiber Dmarc Extension:  $750

Install 150’ 2 Strand multimode fiber, inner duct, from Dmarc to client MDF, terminate in a rack-mount enclosure


Fusion Splice Repair $560

Repair multimode fiber break


Install 2000’ of Single-Mode Fiber $2,900

Install 2000 ft all-weather single-mode fiber connecting 2 buildings, terminations, secured in a rack-mount enclosure


Common Knowledge Technology

"Connected 12 buildings in a campus layout with underground Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable" 

Eaton Senior Center

"Installed fiber backbone connecting 6 floors to a central MDF with OM3 6 strand Multi-Mode Fiber" 

Gilpin County School

"Connect MDF to rooftop IDF using
6-strand multi- ode indoor/outdoor Fiber"

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