Forget all the expenses of a traditional Phone System.

Today’s Hosted Phone Services offer significant cost savings.


No Hardware and Software to Buy

In the old days, you had to buy a whole lot of proprietary hardware and software that had to be installed in your office, and maintained by a certified technician. Today, with a Hosted Phone Services Package, all you need to purchase are IP Phones, which range from $0 -$225 depending upon the package you select. The Phones are plug_and_play, with 24 x 7 on-call support to administer any moves, ads or changes – at no charge.


No Charge for Phone Lines

In the old days you had to purchase a Phone System, AND THEN you also had to purchase Phone Lines and Long Distance service. Today, with a Hosted Phone Services Package, every phone or devices comes with Unlimited Phone Lines and Long Distance at no additional expense.


No Future Expenses

Back in the day, whenever you wanted to make a move, addition, or change to your phone system you had to call a technician who would likely charge you every time he had to come to your office.
Today, with a Hosted Phone Services Package, you can call us 24 x 7 and we’ll resove the issue instantly at no additional charge. All repairs, warranties, maintenance and upgrades are included at no additional charge.