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Providing You with the Most Economic, State of the Art, Structured Cabling Solutions







SINCE 2005

Hosted Solutions has been a leading provider of structured cabling solutions to small businesses, Fortune 500  companies, government and non-profit organizations. 

  • Excellent References

  • Ability to meet or beat almost any budget

  • End to end Solutions – Cabling, AV, Fiber Optics, Camera & Security


  • State-of-the-art material and practices

  • BICSI and RCDD professionals to design and implement the most efficient solutions

  • Partnering with the industry-leading manufacturers and distributors: Graybar, CommScope, LeGrand, Allcom, Panduit

  • Coordination with Inspectors and trades — ensuring timely, accurate job completion

  • Providing comprehensive solutions that integrate Data, AV, Fiber, Cameras, and Security

Fiber Optic Cable.png
Cost Savings


  • Economics:  We’ll meet almost any budget, pricing starting at $175 per drop

  • Responsiveness:  We can start most jobs with less than 3 days notice

  • Efficiency:  We know the Inspectors – jobs are done right with no delays

  • Breadth:  Cabling and wiring, fiber optic installs, Conference Rooms, access control, cameras, AV, etc.

  • References:  Excellent references from clients, Construction Managers, Property Managers, IT Companies

  • Union:  For jobs that require Union Labor, we are members of IBEW Local 68

  • History:  Founded in 2005, teams of specialists stretching from CO Springs to Western Slope to Ft. Collins

Why Hosted Solutions


  • Mass Mutual Insurance:  16,000 sq. ft. on 2 floors, 126 ethernet drops, 2 MDFs, 6 APs, fiber demarc extensions

  • Zoom Video Communications:  80,000 sq. ft. on 5 floors, 880 ethernet drops, fiber backbone, 7 MDF/IDF build-outs, conference rooms, digital signage, cameras

  • Grease Monkey Headquarters:  6,000 sq. ft., 80 cable and wire locations, server room build-out, TV and digital signage

  • Accruent:  10,000 sq. ft., remediate 130,000 ft. of cable above ceiling and below floor

  • TEK Systems:  12,000 sq. ft., 110 ethernet cable and wiring locations, server room build-out, demarc extension, WAPs

  • Fresh Pack Produce:  104,000 sq. ft., 42 security cameras installed in -5 degree and 37 degree refrigerated warehouse, 2 MDFs, fiber backbone

  • Livongo Health:  8,000 sq. ft., re-use existing cables, 50 new cable and wire locations, relocate server room, cameras, 12 Zoom Rooms

  • Parker Core Knowledge Charter School:  50 cable and wire locations, fiber connecting building demarcs, server room build-out, AV solutions

  • OCC Med Partners:  (3) 12,000 sq. ft. offices, 120 cabling and wiring locations, 12 WAPs

  • Crusoe Energy:  60,000 sq. ft., 2 warehouses: 28 security cameras, 24 APs, 80 ethernet drops, 3 MDFs, fiber backbone

Recent Work


"In addition to handling all of our voice/data cabling needs, Hosted Solutions saved us a lot of money with our Conference Rooms. They built out Zoom rooms rather than utilizing the legacy Crestron system we had."

Robert T. 
Lewisville General Contractor

"Over the last three years, we have used Hosted Solutions to buildout the Denver location which consists of more than 1,000 Ethernet drops, a Fiber backbone, and 5 Server Rooms. They do excellent work in a timely manner."

Trey M.
​Keller General Contractor

"As a one-stop-shop, Hosted Solutions took care of everything at D&G – cameras, access control, alarms, conference rooms, data, and phone cabling, and wireless solutions."

Audrey D.
Project Manager of
11,000 sf. Renovation

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